How a dream comes to life: The trust of Ilaria R.

When Ilaria B. asked me, almost absentmindedly, to embark on this creative adventure together, the first words that popped out of my mouth were: 

“Ok, let’s do it!”

I wasn’t scared by all the practical problems, the dealines and the actual feasibility of the project. I wasn’t worried about the technical constraints, the difficulties in choosing the themes and the messages we wanted to convey, nor was I worried about the frequent meetings and constant updates.

Long ago I decided to focus only on the projects I truly believed in, and to work and create with other women. The Sacred Feminine is definitely a key topic in my life, both personally and professionally, so I felt immediately involved in what Ilaria B. was suggesting. Moreover, my partners in this adventure are two of my closest friends: we’ve known each other for almost 10 years now. We met at the time when we were all taking the first steps on our paths and we’ve been walking hand in hand ever since.

So it was just natural for me to go ahead without worrying too much. And while we were beginning to create our dream, step by step, the deep, starry sky of Tuscany was watching us curiously from above the quiet countryside.

(Ilaria R.)


How a dream comes to life: Valeria gets enthusiastic

During a break from work, I saw Ilaria Ilaria coming towards me with a light in their eyes and a conspirators’ smile.

Valy, we have an idea”

 they said, and immediately started telling me all about it, one taking up the sentences of the other. They wove before my eyes a magnificent tapestry full of colours that was also a perfectly white canvas, a void filled with endless possibilities.

Their enthusiasm ignited mine, and unleashed my imagination that was already raring to soar, nourished by the beautiful energy of the Womb Blessing. On that cold May day, we sat on the lawn and drew closer and closer. We kept talking fast, ideas and proposals running freely as the clouds in the sky above us.
I remember the freedom and the joy of sharing, a sense of lightness and harmony that felt rare and precious. Above all, I remember the gratitude that filled my heart for being part of this project – thank you girls, I love you!



How a dream comes to life: Ilaria B. gets inspired

It was the second day of our training with Miranda and, during a break, Ilaria Sunita and I left the beautiful room in which we were working and entered the hall. We stood in front of stall with all the books and the gadgets on sale and I remember looking with curiosity at a calendar illustrated by a woman who had worked with Miranda in Spain, I think.

I don’t know, maybe it was those illustrations, but I suddenly said to Ilaria: “Wouldn’t it be nice to make one ourselves? The two of us could work on the illustrations and Valeria could write the texts,” and immediately the words, the proposals and our imagination started to flow, it was great!

Within half an hour, the three of us were fully involved in this project and already we were saying: 

“it will be wonderful…”

(Ilaria B.)